We invite you to an exceptional evening with a tasting of Magnificent wines

"Wine is a noble drink, so let's taste it."

Under the guidance of an experienced sommelier, let yourself be guided by the tasting ritual and get to know and taste Italian wines that you will not be able to taste or buy elsewhere, because this evening we will also prepare for you novelties imported from the Vinitaly 2024 fair.

You can taste at least 10 samples of wine that you will not taste anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

In the premiere, you will also taste the new top wines of Olméra and Soler, which you can find in the world's sommelier guides.

At the Magnificent Italian Wine Tasting you will taste wines that come from wineries in Lombardy, Veneto, Umbria.

Discounted price for couples CZK 825 (1 plus 1 for halves) for online bookings. Entrance fee CZK 650 per person.

Upcoming tasting event

On June 7, 2024 from 7 p.m., Hotel Anette

Come to taste italian wines and fall in love with Italians .-) 

We will serve you the best wines of our selection carefully picked by somelier in Italy accompanied by italian home made appetizers.

WHICH Italian wines we will taste this time ?

 new Nadal sparkling wine VINO BIANCO SPUMANTE EXTRA DRY

 new sparkling wine - prosecco DOC Rose 0.15, de Stefani

 white wine Riesling Rhine Lando DOC, Le Fracce

 new white wine Grand Cru Olmera 2022, De Stefani

 white wine Lison Classico DOCG, Corte Bacaro

 award-winning white wine of the Umbria region - cuvée Figlio della Luna, Tenute Baldo

 young red wine of the pinot nero variety Oltrepo Pavese MORO DOC, Le Fracce

 red wine new cuvée Soler, De Stefani

 red wine Remigrante Montefalco DOC Riserva, Tenute Baldo

 red big wine Oltrepo Pavese Cirga DOC, Le Fracce

 red big wine Spirito della Vite DOCG, Tenute Baldo

Refreshments will be prepared for you in the form of a tasting plate of Italian delicacies with cheese and ham, bruschetta, homemade grissini and other goodies.

Unlimited wine tasting.

Make your reservation today.

We look forward to seeing you, friends of Italian wines.

We will charge you with new energy with our excellent Italian wines

Termíny degustací

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Datum a čas
Název akce
7. June from 7 pm

Degustace vín Zažijte Itálie - Restaurace Hotel Anette, Svornosti 812/28, Praha 5

550 Kč

26. June from 7 pm

Degustace moravských vín vinařství Škrábek- sommeliér Vladimír Škrábek

550 Kč